European stock purchase

European stock purchase

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Hengtai futures said that if the epidemic situation is still not under control, the frequency of weeding out used electrical appliances and automobiles in European and American countries will further decline, and the supply of scrap copper will continue to decrease; it is expected that the supply of raw materials will shrink to a certain extent by the end of July and the beginning of August.

Chesapeake also tried to negotiate equity injections with creditors to help it get out of bankruptcy proceedings.

Airbus said on Wednesday that its first half delivery fell sharply to 196 from 389 in the same period last year.

(data source: Insurance Industry Association) these insurance companies focus on long-term strategic investment holdings and are also preparing to move closer to the i9 financial standard.

London Brent crude oil futures for September delivery rose US dollars, or% toEuropean stock purchase US $a barrel.

Shouning investment was established in Shanghai in 2015, with a management scale of 100-1 billion, covering four major investment strategies, mainly stock strategy.

In addition, Haier home appliances has also built intelligent integrated solutions for the whole industry chain products by integrating six brands, namely, commander in chief, Haier, Casati, Ge appliances of the United States, Fisher Paykel of New Zealand, aqua of Japan, and 8 industrial sectors of refrigeration industry and air industry, so as to provide product support for the construction of large-scale and professional smart hotels.

Market news [kurdlow: a surge in US multi-state cases affects the economy] White House economic adviser Larry kudlow said on Wednesday that the economy may be affected by the re implementation of restrictions related to the new coronavirus in some states, but it would be a big mistake to impose another nationwide blockade.