The Fed does not buy stocks

The Fed does not buy stocks

In terms of demand, the downThe Fed does not buy stocksstream PMI composite index of copper increased by% in May, slightly exceeding the expectation; in terms of inventory, domestic copper inventory decreased for 6 weeks to 10000 tons, with a cumulative decrease of 74%.

At the close of the market on Wednesday, Shopify was up 7% to the dollar.

Six stocks rose continuously for more than five days, and six stocks rose continuously for more than five trading days. The top three companies with the most continuous rising days were Donghua software (7 days), Yichang Jiaoyun (7 days) and beixinyuan (7 days).

On August 20, China's Maotai pillar 2020 hope project will soon set sail in Congjiang, Guizhou Province, bringing more ambitious young Chinese to become the most needed builders of the country.

In the United States, the number of people who continued to apply for unemployment benefits remained at a high level in the week ending July 4, with an expected 17.6 million, compared with the previous value of 17.76 million.

Strongest quarterly results ever! PayPal's second quarter earnings soared 86% with active uThe Fed does not buy stockssers reaching 100 million yuan 2020-07-3013:52:26 source: CFA on Wednesday, payment giant PayPal released its second quarter 2020 results as of June 30.

Xiaoying technology is also actively strengthening the win-win cooperation with financial institutions. Recently, Xiaoying technology announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with CITIC Trust. The two sides will carry out cooperation in risk control system and consumer finance.