Science and Technology Innovation Board listed to buy stocks

Science and Technology Innovation Board listed to buy stocks

On July 12, Yuanqi forest, a new online Red beverage brand, had new news. According to Tianyan data, Yuanqi forest applied for a number of patents related to yogurt, and the industry speculated that Yuanqi forest would soon lay out its yogurt business. In this regard, interviewed Yuanqi forest, the relevant person in charge told reporters: no news has been received." However, as a popular beverage brand in the past two years, it can get a share of the beverage Red Sea market dominated by giants, and beat beveragScience and Technology Innovation Board listed to buy stockse giants such as "cola Shuangxiong" and "Kangtong" in the just concluded e-commerce promotion season of tmall 618, and won the first place in beverage sales volume. Its strength should not be underestimated.

On July 13, the relevant personage of liangpin project responded to the reporter of Economic Observer network that the U.S. subsidiary is applying for bankruptcy reorganization procedure according to Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy law. This article is based on the legal procedure of the federal bankruptcy law of the United States. Under the supervision of the court, the company in financial distress continues to operate while seeking enterprise reconstruction.

Recently, Huashan, the founder of Shanghai Huahe Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hua He Hua""), one of the designers of mercury home textile brand, released a design information of super lace pattern of mercury home textile on his micro blog. The background color of the design is orange, and the pattern is a combination of letters and textile weaving."

Recently, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province held a press conference on the "special struggle against gangsters and evils" in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, to report on the "special struggle against gangsters and evils" in the first half of 2020, and encourage those who know the truth to report and expose, and reward those who provide important clues with a maximum of 500000 yuan!

Shortly after the acquisition of a 70 mu high-quality plot in Xidong new town, Wuxi City, zhangtai group once again settled in East China. On July 10, with a price of 1.02 billion yuan, zhangtai group won the g29 plot of Tiexinqiao Street Village, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, with a construction area of 46000 square meters.

Sun Jian said that for the hotel industry at this stage, the occupancy rate and cash flow are facing severe challenges, and the overall investment return space is gradually being compressed. The hotel industry is entering the stock age, and the high rate of return on investment brought by the strong operation ability is the core of the future competition. However, the epidemic situation is a crisis and an opportunity, and the improvement of operatioScience and Technology Innovation Board listed to buy stocksn ability is the key. Some large hotel enterprises can also find business opportunities to integrate small and medium-sized hotels.

News on July 17, it was reported that He Gang, the former chief technical officer (CTO) of Ruixing coffee, recently joined the new tea brand Naixue tea, which may prepare for the listing. In response, the reporter said that He Gang will officially join Naixue tea in August as CTO, leading the technical team to help Naixue's digital construction. For the listing of the matter, Naixue tea said that there is no listing plan in the short term. According to public information, He Gang joined Ruixing coffee in September 2019, formerly the technical director of Amazon cloud computing project, and later served as CEO of Shengda cloud computing and vice president of Shanda group. He joined JD in April 2012, and served as vice president of technology of JD group and President of JD cloud. On April 30 this year, according to media reports, He Gang officially left Ruixing coffee. He Gang has an excellent resume and rich management experience in the field of technology. In the future, Naixue will continue to make efforts in digital construction to bring better experience to consumers. Since the beginning of this year, Naixue has made frequent actions in digital construction. It has successively played a combination of small program ordering, third-party delivery platform, online micro mall, live broadcast and tmall flagship store, accelerating the integration of online and offline consumption scenarios. In March, Naixue's tea flagship store landed on tmall, with nearly 10 million visitors in its first month of operation, ranking the third in the catering and food industry, second only to Starbucks and KFC. In June, after the Naixue point single small program went online to spell single function, the tea of Naixue was more than 80 yuan, with a chain growth of more than 200%. Peng Xin, founder of Naixue's tea, said: "the new features stimulate a sense of interaction with customers, and high-frequency consumer brands need to continue to use products to meet user scenarios." In July, Naixue entered Osaka, Japan. Naixue said that when the epidemic situation is more stable, it plans to continue opening stores in Japan. Peng Xin also said that the digital direction of Nessel is mainly reflected in the future supply chain, store operation, operation and management, which is of great help to save manpower, improve efficiency and better stability of products. Reporter Wang Ziyang Editor Li Yan