Stock leverage operation risk

Stock leverage operation risk

The market got off to a good start in June, giving a good start to the market in June. The A-share market has always been referred to as poor and poor, but in the past May, the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly by 0.27%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 0.23%, and the ChiNext Index rose by 0.83%. TheStock leverage operation risk five poor have not been fulfilled.

In addition to the delisting of face value, some companies suspected of financial fraud are also living their lives. Such as Storm Group. On the evening of May 20, Baofeng Group issued an announcement stating that the company received the "Investigation Notice" from the Securities Regulatory Commission on that day. Due to the failure to disclose the periodic report on schedule, and the information disclosure is suspected of violation of laws and regulations, the CSRC decided to open a case for investigation of the company according to relevant regulations. The current stock price of Storm Group is less than two yuan, and it has fallen by nearly 60% this year.

Starting from January 2019, residents' income has been increased and dividends have been lost. Many places will raise minimum wage standards and basic pensions, and new breakthroughs will be made in increasing the income of low-income groups; the special additional deduction policy for personal income tax will be fully implemented to further reduce personal tax burden and increase residents' disposable income.

The Politburo meeting emphasized that the economy has recovered steadily, and the resumption of work and production has improved month by month. The economic growth in the second quarter was significantly better than expected. The three tough battles have been steadily advanced. The economic structure has continued to be optimized. Deepening, the people's livelihood is effectively guaranteed.

Winter solstice and spring come. On Monday, on the day of the winter solstice, the volume and price of the A-share market rose, showing spring. As of the close, the three major stock indexes rose across the board. The Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.76% to close at 3,420.57 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose strongly, with an increase of 03%, to close at 141,385 points; the GEM index soared, with a rise of 66%, to close at 28,844 points. , Approaching the previous high. The total transaction value of the two cities reached 864.3 billion yuan, an increase of 109% over the previous trading day, and the volume can be enlarged. In this regard, industry insiders generally believe that with the accelerated recovery of economic fundamentals and reasonable and abundant liquidity, the logic of the market's positive trend has not changed, and the structural market is still worth looking forward to. The new year market and spring market are eager to try. Sector rotation opportunities may continue. From a disk perspective, among the 28 industries at the first level of Shenwan, the electrical equipment industry index ranked first with an increase of 83% on Monday, followed by the defense industry, automotive and leisure services, with the same increase. Over 3%, 51%, 41% and 21% respectively. In terms of individual stocks, on Monday, a total of 2,656 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose, accounting for 68% of the total number of tradable stocks. Further statistics found that as of the close of trading on December 21, the stock prices of 112 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets reached new highs during the year, including Tongwei (600438), Yangnong Chemical (600486), Hengrui Pharmaceuticals 34 stocks, including Wuliangye (600276), Wuliangye (000858), Luzhou Laojiao (000568), etc., have reached record highs, and the strong ones are in a strong position. The strong market gains today are inseparable from the positive messages released by the Politburo meeting over the weekend. There are three main reasons. First, the monetary policy meeting dispelled the market’s previous concerns about liquidity tightening. The expressions such as no sharp turn and basically stable macro-leverage ratio ensured that the future macro-monetary environment remained stable and positive. Secondly, the meeting pointed out the main direction of next year’s policy. The specific expression is to strengthen the power of science and technology and grow the industry chain to be independent and controllable. Especially in the new energy, high-end manufacturing and other industries, the technology innovation industry (300832) is no longer a major trend to replace traditional industries. Blocking, this is also the main reason for today's soaring GEM index; thirdly, domestic demand has been emphasized again, and consumption is the foundation of the nation. This direction is already long and slow. Therefore, continue to be optimistic about the structural quotations of the market. Tong Diyi, general manager of Longying Fortune Assets, who was interviewed by a reporter from "Securities Daily" said. It is worth noting that the Beijing Capital poured in on Monday, and the net purchase amount that day reached 76.1 billion yuan. Among them, the net purchase amount of Shanghai Stock Connect funds reached 20.9 billion yuan, and the net purchase amount of Shenzhen Stock Connect funds was 55.1 billion yuan. On Monday, the market volume can be enlarged, showing that incremental funds have begun to enter the market. Qin Hong, an analyst at Jinbailin Consulting, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the new capital is not to sprinkle pepper, but to focus on three areas. The direction also coincides with the key direction of the weekend's relevant policy interpretation. One is the seed industry. After all, the seed industry is a biological breeding and a chip in the seed industry. Like hard technology chips, it has similar independent and controllable industrial strategic requirements. Therefore, seed stocks such as Longping Hi-Tech (000998) quickly hit the daily limit on Monday. Second, the new energy industry chain represented by carbon neutrality, etc. includes not only the photovoltaic solar industry chain stocks represented by Longji (601012), but also the new energy automobile industry chain represented by CATL (300750). In fact, this fits with the key development direction of the global economy in the coming year, and fits with the industry trend of automobile intelligence and software-defined automobiles. Third, large consumer stocks, the leading species represented by Arowana (300999), have continued to be active and have emerged from the jaw-dropping K-line pattern. At the same time, the direction of innovative medicine represented by innovative medicine and innovative devices is also a typical big consumer area. Therefore, such individual stocks also showed a relatively strong trend on Monday. Regarding the market outlook, Haitong Securities also stated that the spring market is available every year, but the start time varies greatly, and the spring market in the bull market has a greater increase. In the spring market, the style and industry characteristics are not obvious. Growth and value dominate almost equally. There is no special pattern in the leading industries. The policy is not a sharp turn, the bull market pattern has not changed, the spring market is on the way, the medium and short-term big finance is better, and the medium and long-term main line is still the technology and domestic demand that represent transformation and upgrading. Table: A summary of the market performance of Shenwan's primary industries on Monday:

It is predicted that the N-shaped high point at the beginning of 2020 is 3,200 points, but the sudden Wuhan epidemic has caused a significant impact on the market head. After further tracking of the epidemic data during the Spring Festival, the maStock leverage operation riskrket is expected to show a complex head double top 3150 structure. This high point may appear in May.

In the first quarter of 2020, the market will experience a warming and cooling, mainly focusing on thematic opportunities. It is expected that the structure of structural opportunities will continue in the second quarter. The market will continue to revolve around thematic opportunities. The new economy represented by new infrastructure is still The focus, value and weight of the market's attention are limited by the economic situation, and there is not much room for it. It is more a defensive choice, which plays a role in market adjustment.

From the perspective of the capital line of the entire market, although the major stock indexes of A-shares rebounded in April, the capital line continued to fall, which shows that funds continue to flow out of the market and the market is cooling. (Note: The capital line is the part of the money that describes the active trading of A shares. This part of the capital has an impact on the market price, and the money that has not been traded for ten years has no effect on the price.)

According to news on July 25, recently, rumors about whether the commercial office policy should be relaxed have revived. The developers of individual commercial projects have also circumvented purchase restrictions by recommending customers to register companies and so on. On July 25, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee of Fangshan District notified 3 violations and initiated a one-month special rectification of commercial projects in Fangshan District. The Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated that Beijing’s regulatory policies on commercial and office projects do not intend to relax. If developers still violate regulations, they will suspend their online contracting qualifications for projects in the city.