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For the U.S. stock market, Guosen Securities strategist Yan Xiang said that the Fed’s interest rate cut is only a little more than haBuy stocks onlinelf a year after the end of 2018. In such a short period of time, the monetary policy has undergone a 180-degree reversal. A good signal shows that the fundamentals have deteriorated seriously. The current U.S. stocks are at historical highs. Comparing the decline in interest rates with the deterioration of fundamentals, the latter's impact may be more important.

From the perspective of share price growth, 6 stocks have more than 20% growth space, Changying Precision has more than 40% growth space, and the lower limit of net profit growth in the first half of the year is more than 70%. The latest shareholding ratio of Lu Stock Connect increased by 0.38 percentage points from July 13. ; Secondly, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical, with an upside of nearly 40%, and a slight increase in performance in the first half of the year; Jihong's net profit growth in the first half of the year has a lower limit of more than 70%, and the stock price has room for more than 35%.

Koreans and Americans (workers) now work nearly 20 hours a day and make thousands of calls a day. All of us are really tired, but we still can’t solve the material needs of front-line medical staff, public security and armed police, and other front-line fighters in countries. Do you still have a bit of humanity if you "make goods" in the name of donation and sell them for 5 to 10 times the price! At 1:00 a.m. on January 28, Lin Yanwei, general manager of North Korea and the United States Daily Chemicals, in WeChat Moments angered the merchants for increasing prices and reselling North Korea and the United States masks.

Some institutions said that the upward space and momentum of the A-share market are still outstanding, and the possibility of a sharp decline is unlikely. Investors do not need to panic, but can take advantage of market shocks to make arrangements. In the short term, there is still no sign of significant increase in trading volume, and we still need to wait for the recovery of market sentiment.

Judging from the recent movement of northbound funds, statistics from Yuekai Securities show that since November, the return of northbound funds has been obvious. This month has accumulated net purchases of 53 billion yuan, and its net purchases in September and October were -328. 100 million yuan and 20 million yuan. In terms of specific markets, this month's Shanghai Stock Connect net purchases were 40 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchases were 13 billion yuan. The flow of northbound funds has changed significantly following the market style.

After the proportional placement, less than 100 shares were allocated and the subscription time was not scheduled late. If you encounter a small-scale issuance of new shares, and investors have relatively few available funds, the subscription may not be awarded bBuy stocks onlineecause of the larger subscription multiple.

Prescribe the right medicine and increase market activity is the current focus. Judging from the issuance of new shares on Friday, the village seems to have realized the problem and made some improvements. There are two main boards on the main board, and there is no registration of the science and technology board company. Obviously, after a week of market downturn, I think the management is looking for a balance that everyone can accept. Once found, it will operate according to the market’s own laws; Second, the Sci-tech Innovation Board will be launched on July 22 For board trading, of course, there are a lot of funds waiting for new casinos, but the main board must also be active. Otherwise, if the current sluggish situation has been maintained, then the science and technology board is very likely to usher in a break; but The hype of the subject matter is at the beginning of a stage of emotional recovery. After the relay fund with the highest risk appetite since Taijing Technology has been hit by the devastating uprooting of leek, the market is in the recovery of the short-term ecological chain. This process is extremely difficult. Taijing Technology——Lande Equipment——Liantai Environmental Protection——Saiteng Stock——Dechuang Environmental Protection——Magic Pharmaceutical.......specializes in killing high and strong stocks, and the market is always looking for new in its shadow The breakthrough is like the end of this week and has not yet come out of it; besides, I found that the market is not as extreme as before, even if it’s a bad leg that day, it will be repaired well the next day. For example, the recent Huaxin New Material is For a case, everyone will pay attention to one point tomorrow. On Friday, will the large-scale Sanchao new materials have the funds to turn the package or open within -3%. If it meets expectations, the market is really not that abnormal. According to My analysis above shows that the speculative atmosphere in the market will improve a lot in the second half of July. Don’t have any doubts about the market trend just because the rhythm is wrong during this period of time, and there is a big retracement. The most difficult time has become a thing of the past. I've survived, don't fall before dawn. What I want to tell you is the same thing. When a large number of people are not optimistic about this market, you should pay attention. Perhaps it is a new wave of three-stage excitement in the brewing world. Quotes, if you want to go ahead of others, you must be sloppy and slack, cheer up, keep up with the market, and believe me, the truth will always stand on the side of the few!

Chen Danqing quoted Matisse in the second season of "Parts" as saying that there is always a gap between art and the public. Chen Danqing said: I know that this sentence will offend'the public'. Although I am not sure who the'public' refers to, I agree with this sentence. If you put it in the field of animation movies, this gap is essentially a mutual search and balance between artistic expression and the market, from the theme to the trend of the story, and the design of hot topics.