Ask about buying stocks

Ask about buying stocks

In additionAsk about buying stocks, BYD’s total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries and energy storage batteries in October was approximately 507GWh, a year-on-year increase of 156%. The cumulative total installed capacity this year was approximately 591GWh. Driven by strong sales data, BYD's AH shares rose again on Thursday, with A shares trading at a daily limit, and H shares soaring 16%, both hitting record highs, and the total market value exceeded 500 billion yuan for the first time.

2020 is the final year of the battle to build a well-off society in an all-round way and prevent and resolve major financial risks. Talking about the next step, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission stated that serving the real economy is the bounden duty and purpose of finance, and it is also a fundamental measure to prevent financial risks. It will continue to be forward-looking and prudential, closely follow the six-stable and six-guarantee tasks, and take stricter measures. Supervision promotes the precise implementation of macro policies, and firmly holds the bottom line of avoiding systemic risks. (Finish)

On September 4, an executive meeting of the State Council was convened to propose three core policies, including the timely use of policy tools such as universal and targeted RRR cuts, and speeding up the implementation of measures to reduce real interest rates. Boosted by this, the market has clearly recovered today, with the Shanghai Composite Index hitting 3000 points for the first time in two months. Star Stone Investment believes that the recent market for technology stocks has just started, and the future technology growth stocks are expected to continue to improve.

According to the business news agency, on November 10, the leading titanium dioxide company Lomon Baili (002601) raised its quotation. The latest quotation of sulfuric acid rutile series titanium dioxide was 16,500 yuan/ton, an increase of 10%. The price was raised for the second time in the month following the no letter of price increase on November 6.

In addition to the most critical advantages of the HJT heterojunction battery, it also has the advantages of thinning of the N-type substrate silicon wafer, basically no light-induced attenuation, excellent temperature coefficient, and low-temperature process to reduce energy consumption. At present, the main reasons for the large-scale industrialization of heterojunction batteries are the high cost of manufacturing equipment, the high cost of auxiliary materials such as silver paste, and the relatively low production yield. We estimate that under the current typical efficiency and cost difference between heterojunction batteries and PERC batteries, the difference in the LCOE cost of power station applications between heterojunction batteries and PERC batteries is about 0.03-0.05 yuan/kWh, and the industry is fully equipped With the increase in the localization rate and output of equipment and auxiliary materials, related costs are expected to decrease. With the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency of superimposed batteries, the cost-effectiveness of heterojunction batteries is expected to gradually appear.

Will this round of market repeat the 2015 bull market? Recently, brokerages and banks haveAsk about buying stocks driven the index to climb rapidly, which is easily reminiscent of the bull market in 2014. As a result, some investors have planned to invest in the rhythm of brokerage-blue-chip-low-price stocks-technology (jī), but will the current market really repeat the 2014-2015 bull market?