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Buy Luckin stock

On July 15, 1991, the Shanghai Composite Index was released for the first time as the first stock index in the A-share market, and the core compilation method is still in use today. In recent years, there have been many calls from all walks of life to revise the Shanghai Composite Index compilation plan. During the National Two Sessions this year, some experts and market participants, including representatBuy Luckin stockives of the two sessions, once again proposed to improve the Shanghai Composite Index compilation method.

From the perspective of share price growth, 6 stocks have more than 20% growth space, Changying Precision has more than 40% growth space, and the lower limit of net profit growth in the first half of the year is more than 70%. The latest shareholding ratio of Lu Stock Connect increased by 0.38 percentage points from July 13. ; Secondly, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical, with an upside of nearly 40%, and a slight increase in performance in the first half of the year; Jihong's net profit growth in the first half of the year has a lower limit of more than 70%, and the stock price has room for more than 35%.

Northeast Securities believes that the biggest feature of the July market is the high volatility, which brings the possibility of switching short-term styles to low-valued finance, real estate, and traditional cycles. In addition, the conflict between China and the United States continues, and the domestic cycle has been mentioned many times by policies; in mid-to-late August, the interim report will enter a centralized disclosure period, and the improvement of the domestic demand system and the mid-term report market oriented consumption and technology high-quality stocks will continue Worthy of attention. Key concerns: 1) There is still room for valuation restoration in low-value blue chips such as short-term finance, real estate, and traditional cycles. 2) The major domestic cycle requires the establishment of a complete domestic demand system, and consumption and technology are still medium and long-term oriented. 3) Judging from the performance forecast of the interim report, technology and consumption profit growth are dominant. 4) Banking, real estate and other industries are currently at low historical quintiles, and sub-sectors such as consumer, technology components, and white goods may be supplemented.

The pet food industry is driven by the increase in the number of pets and the increase in pet food penetration, as well as the optimization of the product structure brought about by the upgrade of pet food consumption, and the industry has a strong growth momentum. Brand companies benefit from the increase in industry concentration, and their performance growth rate is expected to be higher than the industry growth rate.

Comment: The funds of the five major national teams have been cleared, and securities funds have also been reduced by a large proportion. No wonder the stock market is so awkward, smart and big funds have also ran away; trillions of securities funds, as a stabilizer of the market, have actually gone through the secondary market. This kind of operation is too coquettish, it is to compete with the people for profit!

People’s courts at all levels must base themselves on the realities of securities criminal, civil,Buy Luckin stock and administrative trials, find the right entry point, and promote the formation of a good market ecology in which all parties to the market perform their duties in accordance with the law, return their duties, and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests through judicial trials. Investors can invest with confidence, and market players can boldly innovate and start businesses to provide strong judicial guarantee.

Founder Securities recommends focusing on the dual-cycle configuration framework: pro-cyclical + technology, sorting out the two clues of the traditional economic cycle and the digital economic cycle. The traditional economic cycle includes the economic recovery cycle (recommended finance, non-ferrous metals), post-real estate cycles (home appliances, light industry, automobiles), restocking cycles (machinery, chemicals, building materials), and the digital economic cycle includes new infrastructure cycles (5G, new Energy), industry upgrade cycle (high-end manufacturing, national defense and military industry, medical biology), platform development cycle (Internet of Things, cloud computing).