After-hours trading

After-hours trading

After the resumption of trading, Tianshan shares, which are planning to reorganize, staged a roller coaster ride this week. On the first day of trading reAfter-hours tradingsumption, that is, on August 10, its stock price has a single daily limit; on August 11 and August 12, it has two consecutive daily limits; on August 13 it began to pull back; on August 14, the decline expanded to 38 %, approaching the limit.

□According to the Economic Information News, in the fourth quarter, relevant departments have intensively deployed and are advancing major favorable policies including the new version of the catalogue of industries encouraged by foreign investment and the negative list of foreign investment access in Hainan Free Trade Port. A number of major foreign investment projects will be introduced this year. It is also under construction, and international economic and trade events such as the International Import Expo are coming as scheduled, all adding momentum to global trade and investment.

In this regard, Essence Securities said that everything in the world has a fate for gathering and dispersing. For the stock market, this fate is the market. As long as there is a market, there is no need to worry about investors. As soon as the market conditions were good in July, new investors began to run into the market. If the country is waiting, Hualiu will be more selfless. The development of the securities market cannot be separated from the continuous participation of investors. Although there are more people, the confidence of investors is more expensive than gold. If the confidence of investors is shaken, it is inevitable to disperse.

In addition, in terms of academic qualifications, among the 18 post-90s chairman, 7 have a master's degree and the remaining 11 have a bachelor's degree. However, most of the post-90s chairman of the board of directors have had overseas study experience, and the places of study are in the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada, including Northeastern University, the University of Bath, the University of Manchester and other universities.

The combination of new technologies and application scenarios in other fields of new infrastructure is also crucial. Charging piles are expected to develop rapidly to fill the gap. Artificial intelligence big data will promote the rapid upgrade and development of payment, e-government, and health industries.

In addition, today there is a news from Huawei that is also surprising. On November 25th, Huawei released the EMT (Operation Management Team) document of the resolution on smart auto parts business management in the Xinsheng Community. Huawei’s Standing Committee Resolution [2018] No. 139 "Resolution on Relevant Strategies to Deal with Macro Risks" is clear: Huawei does not build cars, but we foAfter-hours tradingcus on ICT technology to help car companies build good cars. In the past two years, despite the continuous changes in the external environment, we must be clear that building ICT infrastructure is the historical mission of Huawei. The more difficult it is, the less it can be shaken.

This week, the three major A-share stock indexes continued to rise strongly. Among them, the ChiNext refers to a maximum of 22,472 points on Friday, a new rebound high, a weekly increase of 61%. The Shanghai Composite Index and the Shenzhen Component Index performed equally well, with the Shanghai Composite Index rising 21% for the week and the Shenzhen Component Index rising 54%.

From the perspective of capital, the data shows that the northbound capital has a net outflow after the net inflow for three consecutive trading days. The net outflow on that day is 17.7 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect is 2.8 billion and the net outflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect is 10.5 billion. yuan. In terms of main funds, data showed that the two cities had a net outflow of 796.6 billion yuan of main funds on that day, 3140 stocks had a net outflow of main funds, and only 804 stocks had a net inflow of main funds.